Recruiting young doctors is going to be crucial to your organization’s success.

Almost one in three practicing physicians is age 60 or greater which means a massive wave of retiring physicians is going to exacerbate our physician shortage problem.

With so many leaving the workforce, at least in a full time capacity, young physicians are going to be the golden ticket of future success. The question then is how do you best target this segment when the competition is only going to get worse. Statistics show the average last year resident will receive 40-50 recruitment offers before landing in a position so standing out is not easy.

There are two things to look at primarily in my opinion and they are medium and message. Young physicians grew up in a mobile, social media first world so if you don’t have an effective recruitment strategy across social platforms you’re going to need to revamp things. As far as message it’s going to be crucial to use data to learn what’s most important to young physicians when presenting opportunities. Where money and career advancement were once the end all be all today’s graduates are increasingly more interested in quality of life and other benefits.

The organizations that best position themselves in front of these young physicians over the coming years will win and win big.

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