The future of physician sourcing is here!

If you’re looking to target your ideal candidates using technology at its finest then you need to look at El Toro. El Toro offers the only cookie free IP targeting solution available and has recently landed as the 13th fastest growing company on Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 500.

You may not be familiar with traditional IP targeting but you’ve undoubtedly experienced it. If you have ever browsed a website then had ads from that site pop up from then on when surfing the web then you know what IP targeting looks like. Traditionally though this was based on those sites using cookies to tag your IP address so they can serve up ads to you as you surf the web.

What El Toro does is very different. They have a patented IP algorithm that determines someone’s IP address based on their physical address. Therefore if you can secure a mailing list then you can serve that group of prospects ads as well.

As If this wasn’t enough of a game changer, El Toro has taken things to the next level with the introduction of their Venue Replay program which allows you to target people using the above technology but you can build your target audience based off visits to a physical location. If you think of what that could mean for a physician recruiter, it’s a little mind blowing.  Say for example there is a national convention for Cardiologists and you know where that is and what dates it is being held. Their platform will allow you to target all the attendees of that show based on their being in that show’s location at a certain time and date. Then you simply go online and do your creative and your ads will then be served to those attendees on their home and mobile devices with a budget of your choosing.

If you are open to trying something different then this is definitely a platform you should explore. To learn more check them out HERE

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