Use YouTube to get in front of more physicians.

Go where the people are.

One of the main reasons to be on Youtube is that it is one of the most trafficked websites and search engines in the world so if you’re not on there you are missing out on a huge audience of potential candidates. According to Alex rankings Youtube is currently the second most visited website in both the United States as well as the world overall. Since YouTube is owned by Google you can rest assured its dominance as a search engine and social platform isn’t going to go anytime soon so you should definitely learn to take advantage of it as a physician sourcing platform.


Nothing reels them in like video.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos are priceless. With every other job out on the web being a flat, boring list of bullet points, video is a fantastic way to really stand out from the crowd. Using vide allows you to really paint a picture for potential candidates of what your opportunity and community look like as well. Your video can be a combination of live conversation, images and video of the community or facility. Make it visually appealing and make sure to link your videos back to your website.


Show them what you’re made of.

A physician not considering your particular area is unlikely to take on the time and hassle of visiting to see if there is any chance it’s an area they like. They will however watch a few minute video to see what you’re all about. You need get their attention fast, so show something visually appealing first. Whether that’s your new facility or something beautiful in your community, get them interested and paint a picture of what working and living in your community would be like for them. Maybe even do something fun like walking around with the camera to create a Point of view video and people on staff and in your community can say “Hi Doctor welcome aboard”. Be creative and have fun with it.

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