Recruiting physicians with Snapchat

Snapchat is a photo messaging app that allows users to send content to other users or post to images and video to their “story” so that other users can view a grouping  their images. In addition to images and videos Snapchat also provides the ability to add text to these as well as create unique filters or geofilters which share your location.

Like any social media platform the idea here is to push info on your jobs as well as your company and culture through to your story so you can sell young physicians on what your organization has to offer.

Another avenue to take with recruiting via Snapchat is to direct interested candidates to a specific url using Snapcodes. Snapcodes are essentially the Snapchat version of qr codes and allow users to scan through to a url and view things like job details or info on your hospital. Snapcodes can be placed anywhere and are free to create.

Snapchat is definitely one of the least used platforms for recruiting but that also means it has the most potential for the early adopters.

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