Tips to maximize Facebook

Don’t just post. Engage. 

Posting great content is of course crucial but the real magic happens when you engage with your audience. If someone comments or asks a question, make sure you are responding in a timely manner as this service is how they will judge your organization.

You can also be proactive by engaging others who have posts that are relevant to your organization. If a physician posts a pic of a ski vacation why not say “If you like skiing you would love practicing with us up in Denver”. The more you reach out the more engagements you will have so keep with it.


Pics are great but video rules.  

Of course pictures of your facility, community etc are a great way to share info about your opportunity but nothing brings a visitor in like video. This doesn’t need to be over produced or super complicated though. Simple videos taken with your smart phone can work wonders and are much easier and faster to produce.


Call in the troops.

Chances are you have hundreds if not thousands of individuals working for your organization so take advantage of that built in marketing army. Gather their emails and invite them to visit your organization’s social channels and engage with them. Likes, comments and of course shares can go a long way when you have multiple people working to spread the word.


 It’s not just about the jobs .

Posting details on your jobs and your facilities selling points is expected but don’t stop there. Share posts that will give prospective physicians a sense of the culture at your organization. Post pics of holiday events, group outings and things going on in the community. The more you can paint a total picture for your candidates the more likely they will be to picture themselves working and living there.

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