Recruiting physicians on Twitter is a must.

 If you are not using Twitter as a piece of your physician recruiting plan then you really need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to incorporate this fantastic tool. Here are some ideas to keep in mind to help you make your Twitter recruiting more successful.


Post Often

  • Twitter moves fast. With the huge number of tweets popping up every second it’s likely that if your audience doesn’t see your post when it’s sent they might miss it entirely. This is why you must post often. The more you post the more shots you are taking that your prospective audience will see what you have to share.


Use Hashtags

  • Hashtags are basically categories that help people find info related to a particular subject. The more hashtags you use and the more concise they are the more likely you are going to appear when prospective physicians are searching on Twitter. Some sample hashtags you might want to try for say a Surgery job in Dallas, TX are #physicianjobs #physicianjobstexas #physicianjobsdallas #generalsurgeryjobs #permanentsurgeryopportunity #generalsurgeryjobsdallas


Invite your community

  • To build momentum in the beginning remember to share your twitter account with your organizations employees and volunteers and invite them to follow and share. This is a quick way to get some follower momentum going which will make it more attractive of an account for others to follow as well.


Share exciting news about your facility or community

  • Using your Twitter account just to post open jobs is a mistake and will come off as very salesey. You should use this platform to share exciting information about your facility, it’s physicians and your community. You want to give prospective physicians a sense of what it’s like to work at your hospital and live in your community.


Post Jobs

  • Though you don’t want to go overboard you should definitely use your Twitter feed to post jobs you are hiring for. Be sure to use Video or at least photos in your posts to make them more engaging as you want to stand out and grab their attention.


Engage with your followers

  • Posting is just one side of the coin. You must also remember to engage with your followers and answer their questions or reply to their comments in a timely manner.


Follow and engage with others

  • A great way to gain followers and invite engagement is to follow others and comment on their posts. Follow physicians and groups related to physician recruiting and engage with them as often as you can.

Twitter is a fantastic tool for physician recruitment and since most aren’t doing a great job maximizing it there is a ton of potential to step in and rise to the top

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